Before I say anything else about my experience, if you have also been taken here's a support page share your story and cope with reality.
KEEP IN MIND! This is a serious matter- we are the taken. Our stories are no laughing matter; they are out there.

The creatures that took me look like this:
a one eyed green alien with tentacles like an octopus
Deviantart user, paulshulz, has clearly seen the same shit I have.
They took me twice, the first time felt colder. They didn't speak to me, did not address me I was awake but felt nothing. I believe they do this to make you think it's all a dream. They poked around me and cut into my body, their multiple tentacles holding many tools and doing many tasks at once (Which later, during my second taking, I realized is a recipe for malpractice).

The second time they took me was not long after, I begged for them to come; during the first procedure they left a scalpel-like tool inside of me. Great engineers, terrible physicians.
The purpose of this page is to inform the world of what I have been through, and to collect enough electronic signatures to properly sue and destroy their medical practice. Although it is true that they cured my cancer, free of cost, they have destroyed my perception of reality AND have malpracticed almost causing my death. Reasons enough to take down their clandestine operation.