6 New Creative Writing Styles That You’ve Never Heard Of!

People will frequently claim that literature has reached it’s peak and will never see any further innovation. However, this list proves invention and creativity are just around the corner. With the growth of digital literacy millions of doors have been open to creators. Here are some examples:

  1. HTML StoriesYou can create simple fun stories developed in html. Let your ideas flow within the format of a webpage. Here I tried to create something like a creepy pasta; it’s a story about a little legal problem with aliens.
  2.  Twine Games
    Twine is an easy to use tool that enables users to create amazing interactive stories. Using links, you can write a unique experience for readers similar to the choose your own adventure stories. Check out mine as a fun example, and if you want to create your own check out twinery.org
  3. Twitter BotSocial media can be a great outlet for writing and distributing your work. Bots are ways through which you can create a character, a performance, make a statement, and fill people’s feeds with your commentary.
  4. Gifs
    Gifs and other types of moving texts, can serve as a way to create visual poetry. It’s very common for people to share reaction gifs, so why not make your own and spread your creativity.
  5. Video PoetryYou may already be familiar with lyric videos, if so you may have already seen Kinetic Typography. It is a great way to play around with words in space and time, each movement and animation gives the words meaning and style.
  6. Generative ProgramsWhy not teach your computer to write poetry? Using coding languages you can create an assortment of algorithms and programs that print out literature like the one above. There is no limit to what you can do, play around with the formats and create something of your own.

With this I say, fie to those who think everything that will be created has been created! Development and innovation depends on us. Never stop writing, and use every tool imaginable to develop your ideas and create.

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