Pasteles – A Digital Project

The courses I take always influence the work I produce. This semester I had the privilege to enroll in two amazing courses, a survey of Puerto Rican poetry, and a course on the literature of the English-speaking Caribbean. These topics mixed together in my mind and gave me a lot of literature to engage with, work which I felt personally connected to.

The latter course had us create a final project: the micro-documentary as a form of digital scholarship. Of course, I had to add a little something of mine to the mix, so I decided to create a complimentary game which adds to the documentary and serves as a form of discussion.

I am not a game developer nor am I a filmmaker/director, what I am is a person filled with curiosity. My curiosity during this project was invested in personal histories; I was interested in what the people around me had to say about their experiences in Puerto Rico and their engagements with culture and traditions. I’ve been listening a lot lately, and there are so many things I don’t know yet. This project reflects those voices that shared with me, and personally it serves as a starting point for future studies and compositions.

Watch the micro-documentary:

Play the game below:

Or use the link:

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