Pasteles – A Digital Project

The courses I take always influence the work I produce. This semester I had the privilege to enroll in two amazing courses, a survey of Puerto Rican poetry, and a course on the literature of the English-speaking Caribbean. These topics mixed together in my mind and gave me a lot of literature to engage with, […]

What’s going on?

Puerto Rican Manifestations and the #RickyRenuncia Movement Around July 10th, Puerto Rico’s biggest scandal exploded massively, moving the nation to manifest in San Juan and social media; thousands stood in front of the Fortaleza screaming “Ricky Renuncia!” The outrage against Ricardo “Ricky” Rosello isn’t just coming from a couple of days ago (and it’s about […]

Emoji Horoscopes

Horoscopes are defined by the relative position of celestial bodies at the moment of birth; these celestial bodies allegedly affect the personality, character, temper, etc. of the individual, the process however that determines this is highly arbitrary. I do not intend to offend any astrology enthusiasts; however, I find horoscopes are like randomly determined predictive […]

Study Series Conclusion

My test was today and I think it went well. Maybe I’ll do this posting style study session again in the future, I think it helped in preparing me for writing about works of e-lit. Some of the questions of the test were also based on works that were new and interesting to me, like […]

Study Series: Judy Malloy’s “Uncle Roger”

I’m finishing up my review on hypertext with “Uncle Roger” by Judy Malloy. I personally see hypertext as going beyond normal text to a more engaging and yet still technically simple reading experience. The story that Malloy creates in her work is especially demonstrating of a “fragmentary narrative.” The story takes the setting of a […]

Study Series: Shelley Jackson’s “my body— a Wunderkammer”

Shelley Jackson’s “my body: a Wunderkammer” is an intimate look into the spaces and corners of the narrator’s mind. The hyperlink visual map, from which you choose where to start reading, is allowing you to pick from body parts, which the narrator later compares to cabinet drawers. The narrative is as complex as the human […]

Study Series: J.R. Carpenter’s “Entre Ville”

J.R Carpenter has a unique style that I admire, her works are loaded with visual stimuli and every piece that I have experienced feels explorable and profound. Her “Taroko Gorge” remixes (“Gorge” & “Along the Briny Beach“) are some of my favorite versions of the form; they carry this visual artistry in the literary imagery […]

Study Series: Nick Montfort’s “Taroko Gorge”

“Taroko Gorge” was a sort of gateway for me in my studies, in fact it was Nick Monfort’s style (like most of the Memory Slam reimplementations, Taroko Gorge was done with Python) that gave me a push to learn how to code with Python. The poem is generative and the way the words flow into […]