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Puerto Rican Manifestations and the #RickyRenuncia Movement

Around July 10th, Puerto Rico’s biggest scandal exploded massively, moving the nation to manifest in San Juan and social media; thousands stood in front of the Fortaleza screaming “Ricky Renuncia!”

The outrage against Ricardo “Ricky” Rosello isn’t just coming from a couple of days ago (and it’s about much more than a derogatory and incriminating chat), in fact he won the elections with less than 50% of the nation’s vote (much less considering the amount of registered voters that abstained). More than half of Puerto Rico disapproved of his election in 2016. His father, Pedro Rosello, was also a corrupt and cynical leader, which did not help Rosello. In fact, Jr. already had a bad reputation for an alleged “drunk driving” accident back in 1994, which his father might have helped cover up and for which he suffered no consequences. There are many other popular stories of him.

Needless to say, this new scandal has served as a reflection of his character and a wake up call for Puerto Ricans. We have been victims of political corruption long enough, and thankfully we are now waking up to the call. Ricky Rosello is just a drop of water in the sea of Puerto Rican corruption. Our nation’s history is engulfed with colonialism and corrupt leaders, the very same leaders that through the years have left the Puerto Rican people in massive debt and chaos. Our people have been left abandoned and degraded by their elected leaders.

For their crimes against our people, there is no pardon, the only way out is justice and civil disobedience. Which is why Puerto Ricans around the island (and around the world) have come together to rid Ricky Rosello of the power they once gave him. Ricky has been judged, and the people found him, and every power hungry, hypocrite, laundering political goon, guilty.

Ricky, what were you saying about the people being fools? You’ve underestimated the Puerto Rican spirit, and now…

Your goons were talking about Pesquera, little did you know

A revolution is coming.

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