Study Series: Hypertext and Interactive Electronic Literature

This semester I am taking a course on the topic of electronic literature, and in an effort to study for my first midterm I have decided to create a study series. The posts under the study series title will be short analysis of different works that the professor has assigned to the class. The class is Three Generations of Electronic Literature, and the topics for this first midterm are Hypertext and Interactive e-lit. In each post I will attempt to unpack the selected work, understanding the environment in which it is presented, the text’s behavior, the purpose of interaction, the navigation of the work, and other several important features that the work presents. Additionally I will be offering my reading and interpretation of the content, whether I am accurate or not is a reminder that this is a study session. For this class I’m also reading Scott Rettberg’s Electronic Literature it will be referenced accordingly throughout the series. Here’s hoping that I have a clear understanding of the material!

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