Study Series: Milton Läufer’s “God”

Milton Laufer’s “God” was published in Taper #1, it is a minimalist generation which talks about belief. First it generates two stanzas which describe “God” as a thing that measures an abstract concept. The speaker is stating their non-beliefs, the negativity they feel surrounding the abstract concepts that “God” measures. And the stanza that has […]

Study Series: “Memory Slam”

Memory Slam is a collection of programs made between the 1950’s and the 1980’s. Each of these works is generative, and no user interaction is required. Generative works usually run with (depending on the programming language) lists, dictionaries, or collections of words. The writer/creator sets the functions and parameters so that the program selects from […]

A Year Ago Today

On September 20, 2017 my tiny corner of the Earth was hit by a devastating natural disaster. A category 5 hurricane that felt as if it was going to rip the land from under us and blow us away. And it did just that, throughout the island it ripped roads, trees, cars, and houses from […]

The Fall Semester Brews New Projects!

My Summer long journey through the wonderful world of Processing is now over, and with the semester comes in a new era of exploration. It mainly being me trying to finally grasp the main basics and essentials of programming. The project I was working on will have to wait a little longer, perhaps because I bit […]

Exploring Human-Computer Interactions in Digital Literature

Recently I’ve been interested in the different ways through which readers directly interact with content. Excluding the typical communications we see, such as comments, likes, shares, I asked myself: in what other ways do users respond and affect the media they experience? I have dug into this question before, and created a project that allows […]

6 New Creative Writing Styles That You’ve Never Heard Of!

People will frequently claim that literature has reached it’s peak and will never see any further innovation. However, this list proves invention and creativity are just around the corner. With the growth of digital literacy millions of doors have been open to creators. Here are some examples: HTML StoriesYou can create simple fun stories developed […]

Adventures in Video Poetry

This project called upon the “2014” me, who wanted to be a film director and loved to edit pictures. As it turns out I’m still as bad with video editing software as I was back then. Except now I didn’t even have a PC to work on. Nevertheless please enjoy my work. The first concept […]

I Made Something Called a ‘GIF’

I wouldn’t exactly call what I made “Gif poetry” but it is my try at visualizing this popular quote. In my mind I had a couple ideas of actually creative and more original concepts. When the time came to frame by frame make them I had no idea how to, and trying was a mess. […]

H. Lovewells, My Twitter Bot Creation

Hello world! This here is a generated tweet: These ancient turrets, stained by the storms of generations and crumbling under and fed by some inexhaustible source of tree trunks; and the waste of it, the headlong waste of it, filled his soul. — H. Lovewells (@h_lovewells) April 3, 2018 It is a sentence, formulated by a […]