Study Series: J.R. Carpenter’s “Entre Ville”

J.R Carpenter has a unique style that I admire, her works are loaded with visual stimuli and every piece that I have experienced feels explorable and profound. Her “Taroko Gorge” remixes (“Gorge” & “Along the Briny Beach“) are some of my favorite versions of the form; they carry this visual artistry in the literary imagery and the actual images she employs. “Entre Ville” is a technical example of hypertext on images. Carpenter has created a visual space which functions as a map through which the user clicks through and enters other areas of the work. There is mixed media in the piece, going from written verse to images and videos. Similar to some of her other location-based poetry, the reader is intimately taking a trip through the corners of ideas and community encounters; the setting is brought to life with human experiences. And the reader, traveling through the screen, is also closely interacting with Carpenter’s depiction of her neighborhood.

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