Study Series: Judy Malloy’s “Uncle Roger”

I’m finishing up my review on hypertext with “Uncle Roger” by Judy Malloy. I personally see hypertext as going beyond normal text to a more engaging and yet still technically simple reading experience. The story that Malloy creates in her work is especially demonstrating of a “fragmentary narrative.” The story takes the setting of a party, and the reader has to connect some ideas and situations that seem rather blurry and half experienced (at times dream-like). Scott Rettberg goes into more detail about this on his book (pg 69), but to sum it up Malloy uses fragmentary narrative in connection to the idea of sparse observations; just like at a party you would be here and there seeing one thing but not the other. Think of the navigation of links like going from one room to another, one conversation to the next. This seems to me an example of “use of interface as metaphor” (Rettberg, 86) similiar to what Shelley Jackson did in “my body a Wunderkammer” or Christine Wilks in “Fitting the Pattern”

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