This work was somewhat of an inspiration for when I was working on my twine game, “Hurricane Survival.” The work, “Kuryokhin: Second Life” is a simulator of the life, art, and political decisions of a Russian musician. Interactive Fiction is a fascinating genre, as an author you are creating a role within the story for your prospective readers, and the various technical and narrative dynamics that can accomplish that are endless. In his piece, Kurtov has set some stats that are typical for game: health, knowledge, madness; these stats act as guides for triggering events, although in the case of this particular game I believe you really can’t outrun madness. Like other interactive fiction the game has a multi-linear narrative, this means that the player’s decision affect the outcome and multiple outcomes can be achieved. In the case of Kuryokhin, these various outcomes I believe most of them are suicide and the author provides the option to continue playing, or listen to a song. One of the endings provides some context on the simulation, going into strange “meta” conversations and explanations that reveal “the unfolding story is just an attempt of media-archaeologists from the far future to reconstruct the lost simulator of Kuryokhin” (Author statement). And this theme for me connects with the idea of creating multilinearity, you are “reconstructing” experience attempting to build a story with various objects, statistics, parameters and limitations.

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